Time Manager

What's on your PC?

(Hint: You won't know unless you check).

Computers have become essential at work and at home. More than 150 million Americans now use PCs on a regular basis. Over 40 million families have PCs connected to the Internet at home.

Do you know what's on your PC?

CheckMyPC is a simple to use application that checks computers for unwanted content. It rapidly scans Windows XP and Windows Vista computers, identifying content that may be questionable.

Is there porn on your PC? Gang related material? Has your PC been used to connect to social networking sites? Is someone having an online affair? Get CheckMyPC for only $29.95 and find out.

Why CheckMyPC ?

Simple. Fast. Comprehensive.

CheckMyPC has an intuitive user interface that is easy to use. It performs thousands of deep content analysis checks quickly, usually searching your entire PC in five minutes or less.

CheckMyPC performs hundreds of checks for questionable content across many sources including:



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